What Daily Show bit am I remembering?
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When Colbert was still on The Daily Show he did a bit pretending to be, I believe Hunter S Thompson when covering the beginnings of the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. He wore a safari type hat that was pinned to one side, along with a cravat or cravat-like scarf. Can anyone find this? I'm sure I saw it on thedailyshow.com, but it might have come from youtube.

If you can't find it, or even if you can, does anyone remember who the parody was? I don't remember Hunter S Thompson wearing the outfit he was wearing, but it felt very Hunter S Thompson-esque. I also don't remember him covering any wars, but I'm far from a Thompson expert. Thanks!
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If memory serves, he was pretending to be Geraldo, back when Geraldo. Colbert's get-up was an exact copy of Geraldo's Afganistan war outfit, beige reporter vest, hat pinned up etc., and in one specific bit I remember, he was making fun of Geraldo's claims that he was in the middle of the fighting, when he had, in fact, been nowhere near it. Can't find the clip though.
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"...back when Geraldo was a war correspondent", the end of that first sentence should have read. Need to learn to preview....
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Doing a quick search at www.thedailyshow.com for "colbert war correspondent", I found this one in a minute or two.

On preview: sounds like it might be the one that melgy is referring to.
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Thanks! The particular clip I was thinking of was him out in the desert, with the hat and doing the schtick. They have only a few clips of the bit, and I'm sure they did it for much longer. Thanks!
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