Best way to archive text messages from my phone & are these ones legit?
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Does anyone know anything about iblissLIVE or or iTextUpoader?

I am looking for a cheap/free way to archive text messages off my iphone onto my computer or the internet. Phoneview is too expensive, Syphone doesn't exist anymore, and actually getting into the database on my phone seems to be way too complicated.

iTextUploader seems to be exactly what I want it to be for free, which makes me feel like it's a scam/will send all of my personal information to some weirdo somewhere.

Please tell me if my paranoia is a mere step away from wearing a tin-foil hat. Anyone had any experiences with this/these apps? Positive/negative?
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i have no experience with the service, but after looking at their website i would feel uncomfortable entrusting them with anything important. it may be that we both need to be wearing tin-foil hats, but the site looks really amateur to me.

on an unrealted not, i had to reread the product name a couple of times because i kept reading it as iblisLIVE.
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