iPhone case 'not for Verizon'?
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What does 'not for Verizon' mean in reference to an iPhone 4 case?

I live in Chile and have an iPhone 4. I'm thinking of getting a case via Amazon, but it says "(not for Verizon)". What does this mean? Are there different iPhone 4 form factors? There's no Verizon in Chile, so I have no context for this.
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iPhones in the United States were exclusively carried by AT&T up until this year. I believe the iPhone model for Verizon (another cellular carrier in the US) are slightly different models, so the cases wouldn't match up correctly.
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The volume buttons are in slightly different places on the Verizon/CDMA version of the iPhone 4. You shouldn't have to worry about this, I assume that Chile's provider has a GSM network like AT&T.
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The Verizon and ATT iphones have slightly different locations for the mute ringer switch and volume buttons, which matters if the case is tightly fitted. For your GSM iphone, get the case that fits an "AT&T" iphone.
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Thanks for the answers. The phone's back says:

Model A1332 EMC 380A FCC

So I should get an AT&T-compatible case?
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Yes, model A1332 is the GSM version.
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You may also like this comparison which ascribes the slight difference in button placement to the different antennas for GSM vs CDMA.
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Cases that are made for the Verizon iPhone are also shaped to fit the normal GSM iPhone, and any case designed since the Verizon phone came out fits both.
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I have a Verizon iPhone with an AT&T-style OtterBox. No problem. The little muting switch is slightly obscured by the case but still totally functional.
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