What payment gateway can I use to finance eating weird animals?
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What online payment processor should I use to collect donations in exchange for eating weird and exotic animals?

I've made a bet with a friend that I can raise ten thousand dollars by offering to eat strange and awful meats this summer--if I lose the bet, I must stick to a vegetarian diet for one year.

The first step is to find a payment processor whose terms of service are OK with this kind of project, but I really can't seem to figure it out from what's written in paypal/amazon/etc.'s documentation

Anyone have a trusty payment processor to recommend? Getting my account frozen would be a lame outcome to this project!
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Have you tried Google Payments?

Regarding your challenge: What may seem strange and exotic to you will seem perfectly normal to many others. Walk around your average Asian supermarket. There are food items that are regularly eaten by patrons of the market, but I have a hard time even identifying what the shit is. Best of luck, and happy eatin'!
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Is this something that Kickstarter could help with? Make a series of small projects for it?
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This seems like a clear paypal thing to me.

I'm not sure I understand your concern -- is that this will violate the terms of service or user agreement and they'll refuse to process the money for you? The policies are easily accessible via Google, FYI.

One problem would be if this were illegal. So try not to eat any bald eagle meat or tiger penis.
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Are you raising $10k for yourself, or to donate to charity?
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From Kickstarter’s Project Guidelines page:
...No charity projects or causes. This includes everything from raising money for the Red Cross to individual causes such as “Buy Jenny a Prom Dress” to awareness campaigns about an issue. There are many important causes, however Kickstarter is not a general fundraising site. Please note that non-profits with creative projects that fit our other guidelines are welcome to use Kickstarter.

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I often see projects funded on kickstarter where the "I'm making a movie about doing..." is mostly window-dressing, and the obvious true intent is to fund the activity in question. I do not doubt these people will put up a video of themselves doing whatever they got funding for. I suspect you could try something similar. I can not say how effective such a kickstarter would end up being though.
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