What is this type of 3D shader / renderer called?
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I'm looking for a type of 3D shader / renderer for which I've seen a number of demos. Most featured many objects (in the hundreds), often in greyscale, often with many of the objects acting as light sources. The quality of the renderings is very high, with a beautiful, soft chiaroscuro effect. I have a feeling the technique starts with an 'S'. Any ideas, hive mind?
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Strata? It's a 3D rendering program.
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That "soft effect" makes me think it's either ambient occlusion or global illumination.

Yep. No "s" but that's my guess.
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If you're thinking of the name of the rendering software, I think some of the technical demos of the Brazil renderer looked like that -- and the company that makes Brazil is called Splutterfish (I'm really stretching to find that "S" :).

Otherwise, there are many many technical terms that you could be thinking of. As mentioned above, ambient occlusion gives that look, and it's an approximation of real global illumination. Both of those are calculated using something called stochastic sampling (two "S"s!).
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subsurface scattering, i think. like this?
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To iterate on jpburns, what about SSAO??
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Response by poster: None of the above, but this helps me narrow it down. It's not an actual piece of software. The 'S' was just a feeling.

The term was used in the way that you would use a term like 'Phong shading'. So like a general technique, rather than a piece of software.
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Sub-surface scattering.
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