Need antiperspirant that is safe for ass crack.
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Tired of feeling drenched in sweat. Is there an antiperspirant suitable for the entire body? I have sensitive skin.

I know that sweating is the body's natural cooling method. But I won't be in the heat for extended periods of time, just going from job to job in a hot city. Every time I spend 5-20 minutes walking around outside, I get drenched in sweat and show up looking terrible.

My underarms are not the problem as I use a standard antiperspirant. The problem areas are my torso, arms, legs and groin area.

Is there an antiperspirant spray that I could use to mist my body, including sensitive areas like the face and groin?

I have found CertainDri in my searching, but some reviews note severe reactions. Given my skin's natural sensitivity I'm hoping for a few other choices.
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Sounds like you've got hyperhidrosis. A dermatologist can most certainly help you with this. I have it too and I feel your pain.
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Some people suffer from hyperhidrosis.. Maybe you do too.
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Gold Bond Powders work for me.
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Use pure cornstarch baby powder lightly dusted over your body each day. Or a powder like Shower to Shower.
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I eagerly await product recommendations, as I was literally going to post a question about this yesterday. No idea if I have hyperhidrosis since my excessive sweating is only induced by heat and humidty and its not a constant year-round problem for me nor do i sweat excessively in social situations.

But I have been doing research on hyperhidrosis solutions since surely they will be the most effective products little ole me to use! Unfortunately the majority of solutions I found addressed stopping underarm or hand sweating. I don't have a problem with either, but my back is completely drenched in with the slightest bit of exertion in the humid weather.

The best solution I found for myself (I hope as I have yet to order it) is SWEATBLOCK. Apparently it was created by a Harvard! chemist! who had a sweating problem. The reviews on Amazon and other sites were overwhelmingly positive. Although the product is designed and guaranteed to work for underarm sweating, Sweatbloc's website states that their top FAQ is whether it can be used on areas other than underarms and they do say yes, it can be used in other areas. It's only like $20 to try and if you order from the Sweatblock site, you can get a full refund if you're not happy with the results.

I really hope that this works for me, and maybe it will work for you too! Interested in hearing other product recs ;)

[[No I do not work for Sweatblock]]
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I immediately thought pickypicky was joking and referring to the gold covered girl from Goldfinger who died due to "skin asphyxiation" and was amazed that Gold Bond Powders are actually available!

What I really wanted to point out that you actually sweat for a reason. Any product that actually blocked sweating from your entire body could result thermal control problems. Depending on climate of course.
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The mister and I keep DermaDoctor Med-e-Tate pads stashed about as preemptive strikes against the heat and humidity of a DC summer. Expensive, yes, but they work.
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This isn't answering your question, forgive me, but you may want to consider the role diet may have with sweating.

I wonder if you sweat more in other areas if you when you use antiperspirant. I mean, the sweat is going to come out somewhere, right?
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Arrowroot powder does an amazing job. You can use it as a powder, or make it into a homemade stick.
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FWIW, you probably don't look terrible. You're a lot more attuned to you sweating than others are.
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