I would rather (not) go blind
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How can I insure myself against going blind?

I was born with a cataract and dislocated lens in my right eye, and after many operations, I can't see with that eye. But there is no medical reason for me to lose the 20/20 vision in my left eye.

I'm the sole breadwinner for my family and I would like to stop worrying about what would happen if I went blind in the only eye I can see with.

I'm American but live in the UK so I have great healthcare, but I want to buy extra insurance. I've looked up disability insurance but I can't find anything that would protect me and my family from loss of earnings caused by my going blind.

Any suggestions?
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You want Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance. Blindness isn't technically dismemberment, but it is typically covered by that sort of plan.
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Mod note: The question is about insurance, not eyecare - thanks!
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I think what you're looking for is called 'Critical Injury Cover' in the UK. It should also cover permanent disability as a consequence of illness or injury also but you may want to get personalised advice - you wouldn't want to be paying the premiums and then get stiffed because you were half blind to begin with.
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Take a look here. I haven't read the fine print, but all of these plans seem to cover loss of earnings due to accident or sickness leading to unemployment.
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I'm not sure that AD&D is what you want. Though policies do cover blindness, they only cover injury caused by an accident. If you're looking to insure yourself against accidental and non-accidental blindness, you need something other than, or in addition to, an AD&D policy.
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Lloyd's of London is famous for underwriting unique insurance deals, perhaps if you give them a call they could either help you or point to someplace that could?
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Best answer: This sounds like income protection insurance.
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Response by poster: Thanks - I haven't purchased it yet, but I feel better just knowing what it's called!
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Response by poster: Follow up - turns out it's also called permanent health insurance in the UK, and I already have it through my employer! I might've not kept it if not for your answers - thank you!
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