Where to get seat cushions?
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I need new cushions for my mid-century modern armchairs. Pics inside.

Here's my chair (I have two of them). There are two separate cushions for each chair. I rescued them from the street a few years ago and they've needed new cushions but I've been putting it off. Do the online custom cushion makers really do good work? Do you have a recommendation for a service that would do this? I guess if it were a brick and mortar retailer in the SF Bay Area that would work, too.

What about getting outdoor fabric? I see choices for Sunbrella and Outdura types of fabric that are appealing given the pet- and child-abuse that the chairs have to put up with but are they gross and make your butt sweaty? I have a couple of samples on order so I guess I'll see for myself but recommendations for fabric type (and even color!) would be appreciated.
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Those are beautiful chairs, I'm jealous you found them on the street!

I don't have any suggestions for upholsterers in SF, but I can say that any reputable business if going to be able to make you new cushions very easily. You'll want to provide them with either the cushions themselves or meticulous measurements and pictures.

Sunbrella *is* kind of gross and will make your butt a little sweaty. It's great for outdoor furniture, but I'm betting when you see the samples you'll find they're pretty industrial in look and feel. Wool cleans well, if you get something at a medium weight or heavier. A nice nubby weave would look nice with those chairs. Olefin is a good compromise between Sunbrella and more delicate indoor upholstery. You can discuss it with the upholsterer too; I'm sure they'd have some valuable input.

In terms of color, I think keeping with a bright solid will serve those chairs well. It's hard to tell what other colors you've got going on in that room, but it looks pretty earthy. I'd keep with a deep orange, maybe.
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I remember reading on Apartment Therapy that the cushions for the Ikea Poang chair will fit those chairs. You could check the website for measurements. This is funny because I have a Poang and was wishing today I could find a chair like yours.

Ask at Britex Fabrics about upholsterers.
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I also vote for a nubby single colour fabric. You could match/coordinate it to the colours in your Kilim rug.
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