How to get into the new dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past GBA?
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I'm looking for the way to break into the Palace of the Four Swords in the GBA port of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past without playing through the Four Swords part of the game. No emulator.

The way the dungeon map data is setup allows you to walk to any room in the game once you move through a wall. I need the specific directions to get to the Palace.

I remember two ways of doing it:

The first was pressing up and down simultaneously on the gamepad to force Link to walk through the wall in Blind's dungeon. But this hurts my GBA, and I'd rather not do it.

The second way was to pick up a pot in Blind's dungeon, not collect the heart, set a bomb, and then blast Link into the heart. This made Link strangely invulnerable, and then he could just walk to the right and down (?) and fall into the basement of the Palace. I need those directions.

I did this years ago, and Google failed me this time. My friend thanks you.
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Best answer: this video seems to detail the process.
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Response by poster: Thanks! This will ease her really long flight.
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