Help me find great places to shop for clothes, antiques and oddities in Paris.
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Help me find great places to shop for clothes, antiques, and oddities in Paris.

I'm going to be in Paris for a weekend and I'm looking for interesting places to shop. I'm specifically looking for great consignment shops and odd little antique stores. In a perfect world, I would return to the U.S. with Channel dresses and Hermes scarves that are a few seasons old and maybe a human skull (a la David Sedaris)

I'm currently planning on going to Reciproque and La Belle Epoque for clothes. Where else should I go? Areas as well as specific stores are welcome.
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Check out this book.
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I went to a fantastic Paris street market that's only open certain days of the week, but I can't remember the name. There were permanent shops with high-end antiques, all the way to vendors with piles of jeans on boxes. Lots of cool vintage stuff. It was really fun, though we didn't buy much.
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You must go here. I can't remember much of a gift shop, but I certainly remember buying postcards but if you want to see a pretty amazing wunderkammer styled exhibit full of bones and creepy things floating in glass jars, this is the place.
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