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This is probably a stumper... Calling all late-1980s Russians: do you remember a male pop star named Sasha who had a song named something like "Come dance with me" ?

OK, in like 1989-1990, I was a student at a summer theater program, and they had some exchange students. One guy, probably late teens or early twenties, was from Russia, he went by "Sasha" (just one name), his hair was done up in a pompadour, and supposedly he had a hit song back home. Not sure why, but this obscure and possibly imaginary memory just popped into my head. I'm looking for verification that my memory is real, and possibly info on what he's been up to since performing in Peter Pan at a midwest summer theatre.

Oh, and for people who like to post the most obvious Google results here, it is not the female Sasha that's all over the internet.
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The earliest Russian boy band is generally considered to be Ласковый май/Gentle May (Russian site). This was their biggest and most obnoxious hit. They formed in 1985 or 1986 and achieved popularity in the late 1980s. Their vocalist was Yuri, not Sasha, but the Russian Wikipedia article mentions several Alexanders who were at some point members of the band. No idea about the chronology. If there was in fact a Sasha who sang "Come dance with me" somewhere out there during that time period, it's not ringing any bells for me.

Incidentally, there was a Dance with Me on Alphaville's 1986 album Afternoons in Utopia. Maybe you're combining several old, indistinct memories?
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Their vocalist was Yuri, not Sasha, but the Russian Wikipedia article mentions several Alexanders

Sasha being a typical nickname for Alexander, in case that wasn't obvious.
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Final update from the OP:
I finally found him, with the help of AskReddit:

It's Sasha Aivazov, and this is the song I remember.
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