Replace my Franklin Covey planner with my iPad/iPod/Mac.
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How have you replaced your Franklin Covey planner with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

I loved my paper Franklin Planner, but I don't want to carry one again. I have an iPad, an iPhone, and a Mac. How can I duplicate my paper planner across devices? The solution has to sync across my devices using some sort of cloud sync. I don't care if I have to pay as long as the solution works.

Franklin Covey has a few apps in the app store but they don't sync across devices.

What has worked for you? Has PlanPlus Online been worth it? A combo of different things?
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Sync them all with a google account. Works like a charm.
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Partial answer...OmniFocus syncs between iPad and iPhone.
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I agree with tomswift. Google calendar (and tasks) will keep things simpler than trying to find an app that syncs across all three (and believe me, I have been through DOZENS of productivity apps.)
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Apple has just announced that is soon launching a cloud service called iCloud that will store all your information wirelessly and will push it to all your devices for free. Check out: In addition, it will offer a new task lists application. Until all of these goodies come in the fall, I suggest like others using Google Calendar, since the data is stored on the Interent as opposed to on your device. Also Google Tasks via your mobile browsers.
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By the way - I forgot to mention that I am a long time Franklin Covey fan but that Google Calendar has changed my life for the better.
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Yep, google calendar replaced my Covey. The clincher was being able to have my husband's and kids' calendars completely synched with mine, and be able to see a complete calendar for the whole family at once.
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I have mentioned OmniFocus before in the green and I'll suggest it again. There's an OmniFocus desktop app that syncs with the mobile versions. It's pure genius! I love this product and enthusiastically recommend it. There is a learning curve but it's a perfect, full-featured replacement for paper planners. It's in active development by the OmniGroup and new features are being added. . .I'm a fan. The three separate apps is a bit spendy, but I consider it money well-spent.
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Heathergirl--out of curiosity, does OmniFocus have a calendar view? This is one of the reasons I couldn't use Things (another similar app.)
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The ____ of Justice: I think so, but only if you sync with iCal. I'll try it when I get home and let you know. (I also seriously considered Things, and it's certainly much prettier than OF, but the function of OF won me over.) I don't love iCal, so I haven't synced before, but I'll give it a go.

also: *are a bit spendy, . . .
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Omnifocus rocks.
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I also heart OmniFocus. I don't personally use it with iCal, but I understand that it does sync with it.
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Ok, Heather, I have set up Omnifocus and I am committed to giving it 30 days.
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Um, I can't get it to sync! Has anyone had success? (Silvertree, I hope this doesn't dampen your OmniFocus zeal. It really is fantastic.)
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Hmm, I never had any trouble getting it to sync. I go through MobileMe though...

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Opus Domini.
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