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What is the best software for scanning documents?

I am building a scan station at my office to facilitate scanning in documents from our copier. It uses a TWAIN scan driver to scan over the network.

The trick here, is that it needs to be extremely easy to use. I want users to be able to walk over, click "scan" and then simply go grab their files off the server, without selecting a bunch of options.

I've found a couple of scan packages, but nothing that really fits perfectly well with what I am trying to accomplish.
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Response by poster: My ideal solution would be command line. Then I could set up a shortcut on the terminal's desktop, with the command line already configured, so that when they double click, it just starts scanning.
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If OCR is not needed, scanning directly into Adobe Acrobat is often the easiest approach.

If you need OCR, there are many available flavors. My preference is FineReader.
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Response by poster: No OCR is needed.
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Searching on Google for '"command line" TWAIN' seems to give some promising results, especially this one for $99. If the station is a Linux or Mac computer and the scaner is supported, you could use SANE for free. But since it's a fancy copier system, it probably isn't supported.
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We've had really good results with the Fujtsu ScanSnap range: Load in the document, hit the "scan" button on the front and Acrobat pops up with your document. I'm sure you could write a simple script to save it into a directory as needed.

Plus, you've got a dedicated document scanner so nobody's tying up the photocopier when it's needed.
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The MFP (Multi Function Peripheral) usually handles all of the scanning and then simply dumps the document somewhere on the network. I am puzzled that you would have this problem - I have never heard of such a thing, and I do this stuff for a living.

Should you need scanning software, Kofax is pretty much considered to be the best out there, but it's not cheap.
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