Where to promote my film's Kickstarter page?
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So, the Kickstarter for my short horror-comedy film is live! Yay! How/where should I promote it?

We've got an FB page, an official site and a Twitter for the campaign.

Our short is essentially a fake grindhouse-trailer (like the original HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN) and we know there are some places that might like to feature it... But what are these places? Any blogs, sites, groups that come to mind?

I don't want to promote the film here obviously, so if you want more information, then MeFi mail me.

Thanks MeFites!
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The NYC Horror Film Festival might be interested. I've gone a couple times, and I think they usually play 2 or 3 shorts, and then a "feature length" film at each showing.
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Response by poster: Ah well, right now we're focusing on raising awareness of our Kickstarter campaign, which we're doing to raise the funds to actually make the movie. That sounds great once we raise the money. Thank you!
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Ah, I mistook "being live" as being funded, sorry.
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Best answer: I would start posting it to some forums.

here' s a few to start with.
Rue Morgue
Shock Till You Drop
Horror Bid

Good Luck!
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You know there's a MetaFilter page on Kickstarter, right? Send a link to Matt.
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Response by poster: Sent! Thanks Jessamyn. Does that Kickstarter page get a callout on Mefi?
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This is a great write up about how to execute a successful kickstarter campaign. Perhaps a little too late since you already put up your project, but it might be helpful for others reading this thread.
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Boingboing.net occasionally posts random cool stuff. If you got it on there that would be huge for you.
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