Berlin for an afternoon (on Pentacost)
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I am suddenly going to Berlin, and I'm looking for excellent ways to spend an afternoon. What should I do from 1pm until bedtime?

I'm arriving at the airport (Tegel) at around 12:30pm next Monday (the 13th), and I have a conference to be at the next morning at 8:30, after which I'm heading back home. I'm staying at the conference hotel on Alexanderplatz, so I don't have to worry about finding the place in the morning.

I'm not really interested in museums this time around (I'll come back another time with my husband for real sightseeing), but I would love to hear if anybody had recommendations for awesome shopping and eating. Evening activities would be interesting, but I've never really considered myself a nightclub person--are there other interesting nighttime activities that would be good for me?

Are things all going to be closed for Pentacost?
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go have lunch at Monsieur Vuong
Seriously. It's really close to Alexander Platz, in a lovely neighborhood full of ateliers, art galleries and quirky shops.
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Not really what you're looking for, but Berlin was one of my favorite free walking tours. Our guide was fantastic and knowledgeable about the city, and I imagine you could ask any of them for eating or shopping suggestions afterwards.
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Living in Berlin for six months, I went on the free tour at least three times, always enjoyably. The tour itself probably lasts an hour and a half, though you can jump off at any time. The guides work for tips, which means they work.
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I'm not sure if there are exceptions for Berlin, but Pentecost Monday is a holiday in Germany, so usually all shops are closed. (Museums, zoos, restaurants and things like that will be open though.)
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You catch the final day of Karneval der Kulturen, with a lots of music at the stages of the Strassenfest, afternoon and evening!
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Could always go for a walk on Unter den Linden, check out Brandenberg Tor, there's tons of places on the river to sit down, relax, eat/drink.
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On the awesome eating front, the Fassbender-Rausch Schokoladencafe offers delicious chocolate temptation on a plate. Or in a mug.

Also, they have impressive chocolate models of Berlin landmarks downstairs in their shop; and I see no indication on the website that either the shop or the cafe (or the restaurant, which I didn't try out) closes on public holidays.
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The Vietnamese restaurant looks good--do they have tasty Pho there? I have been craving Pho for about a year now . . .

If everything really is closed I'll look into taking the tour, and the Karneval also looks interesting!
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