How to open Pages documents on a PC?
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I'm a Mac, my business partner is a PC. We use Dropbox. We are having compatibility issues between Pages and Word.

By compatibility issues I mean he wants to be able to open Pages documents, or at least to open my documents.

I don't have Word on my MacBook — I HATE Word on the Mac: I have found it crashy and difficult, not to mention expensive — so I use Pages, which is perfectly serviceable for me.

I know that my Pages documents can't be opened in Word, so I export them from Pages as PDFs or .Docs when they are finished, but sometimes I forget to do this, or I'm working on a draft for a while so I don't export, or I don't like having two work-in-progress files if I can help it, and — well, for a lot of reasons, it works out that my partner can't read all of my files. This is not optimal.

I am looking for a solution where my partner is able to read all of my files, without my having to export to .Doc manually every time I create/save/work on a document. I'd rather not have two versions of a document going at once (Word and Pages), but I'll live with it if I have to.

Internet, I'm turning to you for help. Is the answer an Automator script? Is there a Pages plug-in for Word on the PC? How can I make this as seamless as possible for both of us?
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Rename it as a .zip file. You should be able to open it up. Inside there should be a .pdf file inside that is the document. It isn't perfect, but the best solution as far as I know right now.
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And, as an aside, you might want to give Nisus Writer Pro a try. I switched to it from Word, and then Pages, and prefer it to both of them.
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Maybe you aren't looking for a suggestion like this, but, could you use OpenOffice instead?
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It seems you both refuse to use the other person's software (he can't because Pages doesn't exist for Windows so he'd have to go buy a new computer) and you can't becuase you HATE Word. Find some other software that is cross-platform (or at the very minimum uses an open file format), such as the already suggested OpenOffice.

Or, start using TeX.
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What version of Word did you try? I have to use it for work (not by choice!) and I have less of a problem with Word 2004 than any other version. Not what you're looking for, I realize, but something to consider if nothing else works.
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Use OpenOffice or Google Docs.
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FWIW OpenOffice has fallen out of favor. LibreOffice is the thing now.
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Maybe you can rig up a folder to perform a folder action to convert the files? You could get in the habit of saving things for projects you work on him with into that folder, then emailing from the resultant conversions?

Something like one of these setups?
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Google docs, 100%
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3rding Google docs. Not as robust as Word or pages, but you can export as Word, RTF, or even HTML on either end. If you only need the info and not the formatting, you should be in great shape.
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Best answer: Apple Pages Save/Export as MS Word via AppleScript
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Best answer: combine plokent's AppleScript with Folder Actions in the Finder and whatever you drop into the specified folder will automagically convert to Word documents. (if you're on Leopard or Snow Leopard, the instructions are a bit different but the gist is the same. use the Help in Finder to figure out how to do the Folder Actions stuff if you're on a recent Mac OS X.)

as an aside, Office 2011 isn't nearly as horrible as the older versions were. I reluctantly had to install it for work purposes and I don't completely hate it as much as I did 2008 and prior. I still use iWork for personal stuff, though.
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As an aside, why not save as an rtf file?
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your help! I'll explore those options and hopefully something will work.
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