Need to find a good dust cloth
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Looking for recommendations for a good dust cloth.

Hey all. I am VERY allergic to dust, so I have to keep on top of the dusting and I end up doing it a lot.

Therefore, I am in constant search for the ultimate dusting cloth - something that is good, doesn't leave a lot of fibers, etc. I have tried many I have bought at the local hardware store all claiming to be good, but I find them to be very poor.

Any suggestions for a good cloth that I can buy online?

Looking for some suggestions.
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Yellow rags. They're treated with mineral oil, and usually they have a nice bumpy texture that will pop up if you gently stretch the cloth along the horizontal grain. Google shopping searches for "yellow dust cloth" show a bunch of results, although most appear to be in janitorial-sized quantities -- might be worth seeing if you can find them someplace local?

The downside is that they are not reusable because of the mineral oil treatment. If you're looking to go washable, I've had good (cheap) results with the ten-pack microfiber cloths sold in the Target automotive section -- they're better dusting cloths than the ones in the cleaning section, and way cheaper. Washable, too.
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the best dusting cloth I have seen is an old singlet. (wife beater, to translate slang!) old old fabric that doesn't moult.

Maybe an old tshirt?
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Chamois? Very grippy and reusable.
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Best answer: You can get microfibre dust clothes. They are amazingly good at trapping the dust, you do have to shake the dust out when done (or in your case get someone else to do it) I am still using the same one after 4 years. I just wash it occasionally. You can just use normal microfibre ones like you would for dishes etc, but I found the ones made for dusting just seem to work better, for me anyway. Plus side I don't have to use any sprays when dusting.

Is the brand I use but I imagine they are pretty much the same.
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Seconding microfiber. I usually go out in the back yard after using one and snap it on both axes a couple of times. Cleans up real nice.
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