Can Any Website Recieve/Post Cell Phone Photos?
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I have heard about a website that lets small store owners upload photos of hard to sell inventory by cameraphone to a gallery on that site.

I thought the only way you could upload photos from a cameraphone to a website was if it was to flickr or photobucket. Can any website be configured to receive cell phone photos from multiple cameraphones? I'm guessing somebody would still have to manage it to make sure they are appropriate photos.
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With android I think it's pretty much as simple as writing a little program to upload photos to your site, and telling the android system "this program can be used to 'send' images to". Then, whenever you invoke the 'send' feature on the phone, it gives you a list of things you can send to, and your website will be one of them.

On my phone for example it gives me the option to send to facebook, flickr, bluetooth, SMS, and other ones I can't even think of at the moment.

Can't speak to iphones but I don't doubt it's similar.
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Facebook has a system where you can email a photo to a specific address (it gives you one for your page) and it will upload to your page. Anyone can send it as long as they know the right address, which is usually weird like
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