Where to scuba dive in June?
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Help me figure out the best place to (scuba) dive in North or Central America at the end of June/beginning of July?

My brother and I are taking a last-minute vaca at the end of the month. We're both certified divers (although not uber-experienced) and want to go someplace where we can primarily dive or snorkel so water clarity and temperature, variety of underwater flora and fauna and climate are key.

I've checked out some of the other questions on this topic and found some great location suggestions but am looking for additional specific knowledge about dive conditions at this time of year (end of June/July) with this question.

We also like to hike and do other outdoorsy things so someplace that has national parks with trails or similar would be great. We've both travelled extensively internationally and are comfortable making our way through unfamiliar settings.

We have a generous (although not extravagant) budget for airfare, car rental and lodging (we'll be renting a cottage/house, hopefully on the beach...camping is also a possibility) and have been considering someplace in Baja, Mexico (e.g., Los Barilles outside of Cabo) or Hawaii. I've been diving in both of those places and, while it was very fun, it was at different times of the year (March - whales!) and (August - sea turtles!) so I don't know what to expect from the end of June. I'd also like to branch out a bit. The only places that aren't really under consideration are Belize (we went diving there in December 2010) and the northwestern coast of Costa Rica (didn't dive but vacationed there in 2009.)

I should also mention that we'll be leaving from San Francisco and only have one week, so would like to stay somewhat near the Pacific time zone to minimize travel time, etc.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Classically summer months are diveable but not spectacular. Vis tends to shrink until a little later in the season. In your position I would not fly, If I was really looking for a good dive spot for a week I would stay within driving distance.

Keeping in mind that you have a 24 hour no fly time and no one wants to dive the first day, sticking to California would give you more bubble time.

In your shoes, Catalina would be my first pick, scrap the airfare money for when you have more then a week to play, and go check out Catalina. Some of the best things I have ever seen underwater were there, summer months are decent diving and classy hotels or camping are both open to you. The island also offers tons of hiking and chilling on the beach.

Pro tip, almost every local dive shop will tell you vis and temp and general fauna sightings if you call and ask. Save your self the time and find shops where you are thinking of going and call ahead to hear conditions are like. Good luck and have a great trip.
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