Where would you go in August?
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I have the first week, maybe the first two weeks, of August free. I'd like to to take a trip to nowhere in particular. Suggestions?

No real criteria. I'd be just as happy sitting on a beach as I would holed up on a cabin in the mountains or wandering around a city, although I'd probably prefer somewhere that's not blazing hot. Just looking for interesting things to do or places to see during this time.

I'm male, early 30s, live in SC. Somewhere within a days drive or so would be great, but I'm not totally opposed to flying.
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The combo of 'no real criteria' and 'total stranger on the internet' makes this question basically impossible to answer. According to your post, all the following suggestions are valid, and therefore all the answers are useless.

Go to detroit.
Got to perth, australia.
Go to rural china.
Head to new york city
go to disneyland.
Go to columbia.
Go to alaska.
spend the week at home.
go to botswana.
Spin a globe and go wherever you point.

I hear its AWESOME there for people who want to go places!
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The standard answer is to pack a bag and your passport, go to the airport, and find the next cheap flight leaving for anywhere.

Granted, I haven't heard that advice in a while, so it might nit be so cheap anymore given the rising cost of fuel, etc.
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I don't think it's actually cheap to get last minute flights anymore (unless you know something I don't?). Maybe sign up for a bunch of those "hot last minute travel dealzz!" newsletter (protip: make a new email address first) and keep an eye out for deals around the dates you want.
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This is a perfect use of the Kayak explore feature.

Put in your dates and price range. Correct for places where it is hideously uncomfortable to visit in August.

If I were you, assuming you have a passport, I would go somewhere in South America. Possibly Argentina, though there's apparently a new volcano on the scene making that complicated these days?

Or maybe the Pacific Northwest, if you don't have a passport.
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Almost anywhere within a day's drive of South Carolina has a decent likelihood of being "blazing hot" in early August. (Although perhaps what seems "blazing hot" to this Hoosier would not be so much to a South Carolinian.) Depending how long "a day's drive" is, maybe you could get to upstate New York, even the Lake Ontario shore, which wouldn't be too bad.

But, if you can't achieve the desired temperatures with a change in latitude, try a change in altitude. Head up into the Smokies. Or drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. The NPS's weather page for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park notes, "In the higher elevations, the weather is much more pleasant [in the summer]. On Mount Le Conte (6,593' elevation), no temperature above 80 degrees has ever been recorded."

If you want to get to pleasant temperatures driving from South Carolina in the summer, your choices are basically "go north" or "go up," and going up gets you there faster.

Of course, you have (literally!) a world of choices if you fly, as others have pointed out.
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Kololo is right, this question requires criteria in order to be answerable.
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