Sprint coverage in Maryland
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How's the current Sprint voice/data coverage around Baltimore MD and College Park MD? I'm thinking of switching our family plan from T-Mobile to Sprint and wondering if any Maryland mefites can provide some idea of Sprint coverage. I don't really trust the Sprint coverage maps but it implies that coverage is pretty good.

My mother is in Baltimore MD, 2 miles east of where Google Maps centers Catonsville. My brother is in College Park MD, less than a mile from the University of Maryland campus.

What kind of Sprint coverage would they have at home? My mother also travels on I-70, sometimes as far west as Hagerstown - what kind of coverage can she expect on her way there and back. I hear Sprint users can roam on Verizon, is this also true in Maryland?
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I honestly can't speak too much for Baltimore/College Park - I've been there a few times and have used my bberry with absolutely no problems, but I can't say what it's like consistently. I do easily piggyback on Verizon with roaming in downtown DC and in metro stations, but I don't get any sort of service, roaming or not, in the tunnels while riding the metro. I hope this helps a little.
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Sprint users can roam on Verizon, although there are some limitations when it comes to data roaming. Voice/texting should be fine.
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I had pretty bad luck with Sprint in Baltimore a couple of years ago. Lots of dropped calls and static. I lived in Hampden for most of this time, and almost always had to go outside to have a decent conversation (we were in an end rowhouse). When I got my iphone and switched to AT&T, the service was noticeably better. But this might also be in part because I had a crappy phone. Things also might have improved, since I switched a bit over a year ago.
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Thanks for the info folks.
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