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Arabic speakers, kindly identify this Omani FM radio station.

So, I was on a radio expedition in the UAE last October and recorded this lovely FM station while camped out on the beach in Madinat Zayed. The frequency was 106.9 FM, but since no such frequency exists for any stations nearby, I'm assuming my radio was off slightly.

I can make out the phrase "Idha'atul Saltanat al-Oman..." at the very end, but then it sounds like she says "Shabab", which is the Youth Channel in Oman. The problem is that Al-Shabab has no frequencies near 106.9. (The highest I can find is 103.6.)

Can anyone tell me what's being said here? Thanks!
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Best answer: It's the Sultanate of Oman Radio (idha'at sultanat 'oman). The advertisement at the end was for their youth program, which, according to this page, airs on 106.9 in Musandam, which is right by the UAE.
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Response by poster: Aha! Terrific. So it must have been the Youth Program all along. Thanks, gg!
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The firs part to me (on first listen) sounds like an advert for a radio drama in which an old man is in hospital, he doesn't quite seem to realise what's going on, then exclaims "My leg!" and then it sort of plays through again with a female voice telling him he's in hospital, had an accident etc... then the male voice comes in about traffic accidents, and then mentions a number of other issues including economic... then you get to the bit you pointed out about the Omani radio, and youth programme. I'll have a proper listen through when I get back from work if you want to know exactly what's being said.
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