ID this french duet love song
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Please help me ID this song. Very slow french duet, a coarse sounding french male voice, with a light beautiful female. They go back and forth with sentence/answer lyrics in a loving tone. Set over melodic acoustic guitar track. Vague, but it's all I got.
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"Tout Au Bout De Nos Peines", by Isabelle Boulay with Johnny Halliday? That fits pretty much everything you said, although it's got some piano and starts to get a little rocking and operatic after a while.
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Sorry, that should have read Johnny Hallyday. I can probably make a small clip if you can't locate one...
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There's a Brazillian, not French number called "Águas de Março (Waters of March)", that was recorded by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Elis Regina. A lot of folks may remember it from one of the Sealab 2021 ads on Adult Swim. (Sample of the tune in Windows Media Player Format).
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Response by poster: "Tout Au Bout De Nos Peines" was too fast and operatic. The one i'm looking for is almost a ballad made for lovin or just plain sleep. Think two french lovers saying sweet things to each other in bed on a cold rainy afternoon...

Aguas de Marco is a nice song as well, but it doesn't have the classic brazilian beat. The guys voice needs to be way slower and french crackly. :)

Thanks, keep em coming!!!!! :-D
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Anything by Serge Gainsbourg? Does it sound contemporary or kind of 60s-ish?
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Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin, Je t'aime moi non plus?
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um, like matildaben said...
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Drat, Felix beat me to it.
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Also, I think I've heard Georges Brassens sing a duet like this somewhere. If it's not Gainsbourg, you might dig up a bunch of his albums.
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I'd have to guess Serge Gainsborough/Brigitte Bardot (sp?). Perhaps something like "Bonnie & Clyde", which was also covered by Luna on the album Penthouse.
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ahem: I'd also have to guess.
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Response by poster: Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin, Je t'aime moi non plus is SO close! My comments:

- The male voice seems like it's dead on.
- The female voice is too airy and lovey dovey haha in this song. Did he do any other duets?
- Song is even slower.
- More acoustic guitar, less choral sound.

The song I heard seemed like it could come from the 60s, but the quality of guitar/recording actually made it seem like it's being recent.
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I hope its not Lemon Incest.
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Gainsbourg's "Dieu fumeur de Havanes"? Though it's either slide or steel, not typical acoustic ... and some bad synth comes in briefly towards the end.
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Serge had all of the hottest girlfriends (despite being not that pretty himself) and did a lot of duets.

I loves me that Bonnie & Clyde and could listen to it on repeat for days.
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omidius, where did you hear this song? Could you point towards an audio sample we could hear?
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it could also be 'parole, parole' by Alain Delon and Dalida.
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matildaben, have you heard MC Solaar's samples from Bonnie & Clyde in Nouveau Western? Worth a listen.
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I want the soundtrack of this thread. I bet it would be awesome.
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A bit late, but I didn't see a mention of Lovage with Sex (I'm a).
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Response by poster: FOUND IT!!!! The song is by Romane Serda with Renaud. Called Anais Nin. Check out the video at:
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Since this has already been answered, I'll go off-topic to mention one description of Serge Gainsbourg's demise: "He drank too many cigarettes."
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