Help me find this OLD cake topper.
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Pretty simple. Help me find this cake topper.

A friend of mine is putting together something for the parents 50th anniversary that includes a recreation of their wedding cake.

Countless Google searches have brought up some items that are similar. The problem with cake toppers is that there are so many of them out there and current ones are more trendy, thus higher in search ranks. This one is going to be 50 years old.
We aren't sure if the heart is actually attached or if it's something that was added in, and the parents don't remember either.

If buying a more generic one is the only option, so be it, but the hope is to find one that is as close to the original as possible. I'm hoping that someone around here has a great source for these that I haven't found. Thanks!
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Rather than search for a needle in a haystack, I think you should post this to Etsy Alchemy and see if you can get someone to recreate it from the picture. Will have the added benefit of not having aged 50 years (these materials don't hold up well over decades).
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They disabled/got rid of Etsy Alchemy.
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This one seems very similar to me (found with a Google for '1950s vintage cake topper white jacket groom.') Of course it's hard to tell if the colors are off.

You'd have to make a little base and a heart out of lace, but if you're a little crafty, that shouldn't be insurmountable.
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I suspect thing of being a cake topped made of two parts. You could combine Andrhia's very close couple with this quite close heart and base.
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My best friend decorated her entire wedding with vintage cake toppers. She searched high and low on eBay and bought bunches of them. No two were quite the same. But ebay it!

Is your friend sure that the parents didn't save the cake topper? We used my parents' on their 40th anniversary cake that I made them. Now that I look at it again, it is quite similar to the one you're looking for.
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Have you checked cake decorating stores near you? The one near me has some pretty ancient backstock. There's also ebay (just remove the bell), ebay, ebay! for similar toppers.
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You may have to combine two or three things to get the look you want.

This couple from Etsy looks similar (hard to tell from the photo though).

This base from Etsy is somewhat similar to what you're looking for. You might be able to remake the heart using wire and some lace.

This base from Etsy looks to be an even better match.

(Now I want some cake).
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This is the closest I've seen so far. The heart is not the same, but that is the easiest part to replace. You mostly need a groom in white evening jacket, bride with a high collar and fabric veil, both dark haired, and smiling. They aren't perfect, but they are close.
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The base looks virtually identical to something I bought at Michael's crafts and I bet you could find the material for the heart. Hot glue to the rescue.
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You are making this too complicated. This topper probably came from, and is probably still available from, Wilton. I spent years packing and unpacking these and selling them. It's probably the vendor that sells the product Gucky saw at Michael's, because they sell the bases separately.

Their website sucks, but you may be able to get a good response by email, or finding a company (like Michael's) that buys from them wholesale and resells.
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