Boston to DC moving help
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Another question about moving company suggestions - Boston to DC area version.

Any good suggestions for moving companies on the East Coast? Specifically Boston to Alexandria, VA. I'm willing to do all the packing myself, but sorta kinda need help getting stuff from apartment to apartment, 500 miles away.
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It has been a while, but I had a good experience with Isaac's, Boston to NYC.
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While I haven't actually used a moving company in the area quite yet (my fiancee and I have moved twice in the past 3 years and used U-Haul both times), I've seen Two Guys and a Truck trucks at least a few times a week on the roads (I've lived from Centreville, VA to McLean, VA just for clarification). The site says they do long distance moves... Hope it helps, and welcome to NoVA!
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I've had good luck with both short and long-hauls through Roadrunner, but I was flexible on the dates of the long haul and don't know what difference that makes to their availability.
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I don't have a specific company recommendation, but there are a lot of reviews of Boston-area movers on yelp.
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