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since this seems to be "remember a sci-fi book from your childhood" week, i thought i'd pose my own. the story is your basic time-travel adventure, between "today" (read:1950s) and ancient Byzantium. it involved time traveling under the moniker of "shunting" and involved some steamy sex scenes that certainly were fun when i was 13 and reading it. any help?
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It really sounds to me like you're combining several different stories by Robert Silverberg. In his stories Ringing the Changes and Tower of Glass, he describes a technology called "shunting," but it's not time travel--it's a way for people to exchange consciousnesses. And he has a collection of stories called Sailing to Byzantium, which, as the name indicates, includes people travelling (but not time-travelling) to a reconstructed Byzantium, but not in present-day: in the far future (although a man from the 1980s is the protagonist).
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A couple more possibilities: Lest Darkness Fall, a classic by L. Sprague DeCamp; and There Will Be Time, by Poul Anderson.

There are really only so many sci-fi novels dealing with Byzantium.
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Best answer: It's "Down the Line", by Robert Silverberg.
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Best answer: ...I mean "Up the Line". Sorry.
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Response by poster: thanks interrobang -- that is it!
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Odinstream, yours is A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones, I believe.
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