Help me find or recreate some non-snob Mickey Mouse tea please!
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Help me find or recreate some non-snob tea please!

I'm kind of a tea snob. I drink bagged tea at work and when I'm in a rush, but if I had my druthers, I would exclusively drink high quality loose tea. I have many small bags of different loose teas and a few different pots. I like big malty black teas and green teas that taste like popcorn and smoky lapsang souchong.

What I'm trying to tell you is that I know all about foofoo teas and I like them and do not need to be convinced otherwise.


I received a little gift tin of teas from Disney World after my mom and relatives went there earlier this year. The dang Mad Tea Party Blend is surprisingly good for a bagged "souvenir" tea. It has some fruity, flowery notes, but also a bit of gingery heat behind it. It's actually a really nice tea to have in my drawer at work. I was shocked to find that I really enjoyed it.

But I'm down to one bag and I don't find myself in the Magic Kingdom regularly, nor do I want to buy 18 other teas in a gift set to get 6 bags of this. I'm sure it's a proprietary blend for Disney. I've Googled all over trying to find a wholesaler hiding it somewhere.

The ingredient list is as follows: Premium blend of Indian Black Teas, Safflowers, Calendula Petals, Ginger Bits, Apricot Bits, Peach and Apricot Flavors. It appears as though The Mouse offered it loose in a tin at one point as well as the bagged version I have.

Have any of you enjoyed this tea and found anything similar? I see that someone on Adagio made this blend, but there are no follow-up reviews to see if it comes close.

Help me make more Mickey Mouse tea!
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I've tried a plumb Oolong tea that sounds similar to what you're looking for. I've only seen it sold in loose leaf at a local co-op though, so you'd probably just need to look for a co-op in your area or a tea store.

good luck!
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If you're a tea snob, have you tried Mariage Freres teas? Not all of their teas are available in bags, but here's their list. They definitely have several fruity teas with flowery, fruity notes, and I'm confident some have ginger notes. I can't seem to find an easy list of their blends, but maybe you'll have more luck. (My favorites used to be Eros and Marco Polo--so good!)
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You could call the tea geniuses at McNulty's Tea & Coffee (one of the jewels of NYC, imho) and see if they have something that meets your criteria. I believe they ship anywhere.
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I've emailed the tea geniuses at Lupicia with requests before, and gotten feedback on which of their teas is closest, or which teas of theirs I should blend to create what I'm looking for.
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You could just buy it by mail. This place doesn't have it in a gift set--I think they just go to Disney.
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(this post has nothing to do with Mickey Mouse tea, it's just my tuppence worth)
I'm a tea snob too. I spend a fortune on all sorts of exotic teas.

Nothing's ever topped my favourite, Lyons Green Label (loose leaf). A robust but complex cup.

However when the stash runs out during next week, I'll embark on a box of Barry's.
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Thanks everyone! I have tried a few of your suggestions and they are all good, so everyone was helpful. The best answer is perhaps a tad more than I was hoping to spend on this tea, but at least I know the service exists if needed!
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