Software to explore chord progressions
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I am looking for Windows software that lets me play with chord progressions and hear how they sound. I think Band in the Box does this but it's way more powerful and expensive than what I need.

Ideally, I can choose or type in chord symbols (F G Dmin Bb etc), push play, and hear the results. I do not want to have to enter the individual notes that compose the chord, that's too much work. I can think of lots of other cool features but this one is really the only critical one.

I want to get a feel for how chord progressions sound, but can't competently play guitar or piano. Experimenting and hearing results is the key. Ease of use is really helpful too. Free or really cheap if possible. I have looked but been kind of overwhelmed by what's out there and could use a recommendation.
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Best answer: I think you will probably want to kiss me now: JamStudio.
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Response by poster: Neat! Thanks
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