How can I bond with friends at my bachelorette?
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Ideas for bachelorette party in Providence, RI? I really wanted to do a group hot tub/ sauna thing but have not been able to find a place. I have a group of about 12 ladies. I love the outdoors, spas, games. It would be nice to do something intimate where we can talk and bond. Also, a low price point is important because the girls are all coming from out of town. Thanks so much for your help!
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A.) I am a guy, I have attended precisely zero bachelorette parties in my life to date.
B.) You're a little vague on price range - how low is low?
C.) How soon is the party?

Generally: I would suggest looking for something in Newport, rather than Providence. Better suited for what you want to do (and a quick Google search suggests it's a pretty popular/frequent bachelorette party destination). It's not far from Providence, by the standards of anyone who's not from Rhode Island at any rate. Does get packed with tourists during the summer, though, which is why the timing/amount of advance notice may be an issue.

More specifically: The Hotel Viking advertises some spa services; I don't know if it'd be in your price range or if it's too short notice to reserve rooms, but it might be worth looking into.
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Why not get a vacation house for the weekend? Split between 12 people, it's a pretty nice way to go. You can then bring your own food, booze and such -- which not only makes it economical, but also allows everyone to have exactly what they like.
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