Editable, sortable JS-based table script?
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I'm looking for a (mostly) pre-made sortable, editable table script that hooks into a mySQL database.

I'm looking for a JS/PHP-based sortable table script like this or like this that has the added bonus of, when you click on a cell in the table, makes the cell editable so that when you hit "Enter" or click out of it, it updates the mySQL database with the new value that you put in. (Obviously the table values are pulled from a database, via PHP.) Double extra mega super dooper bonus points if you can edit the values, then have to hit a save button or something to apply the changes so that folks get a chance to make sure they want to apply the changes.

I'd rather not have to make this 100% from scratch, so even if there's something out there that's ~75% what I'm looking for, I'll modify it and go from there.
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Crud. Forgot to add that open source is much preferred. Thanks!
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Have you already considered phpMyAdmin? I've never installed it, but I have used it as the front-end provided by a hosting company, and it was pretty decent for the types of tasks it sounds like you're interested in. If anything, might be a bit too complex for your needs (and maybe insufficiently "web 2.0-ish"), but in any case, definitely already written.
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Yeah, this actually needs to be something for regular users to utilize; so something that goes on the frontend of a site. phpMyAdmin is great and I use it nearly every day, but it's in the wrong area of what I'm looking for. Sorry, I should have specified that!
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I'd recommend building a quick app using CakePHP, ruby on rails, or grails (if you're on tomcat / java). These frameworks all support scaffolding, which gives you these features really easily.
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I bet ActiveScaffold is almost exactly what you're looking for, but unfortunately it's Ruby, not PHP. But it's miraculous enough that it may be worth the language crossover. I tried to find you a PHP analog, but it doesn't look like there is such a thing.
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I have used the following tool with good results: DHTMLX Grid Object

The fee is nominal, but they have 30 days of support to help you get up and running and I've found it to work pretty well and it is nicely polished.
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jQuery Datatables can do that, although it requires some custom rendering of input tags, etc.
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The Yii php framework is fantastic. I've found it to be highly functional out of the box and it comes with lots of options to add complexity.
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