Need a cowork or relaxed temporary workspace in Portland, OR
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I need to find a Wi-Fi enabled work space in Portland, OR that can accommodate three or four people working together for two or three days.

My new supervisor is coming to town next month so we can spend several days working with a Web developer. We're looking for a relaxed space where we can work from laptops over coffee. Somewhere close in would be ideal, Wi-Fi is a must. Best would be a coffee shop that's accommodating (maybe with a small conference room for rent?), but a well situated cowork setup would work, too.
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There's a coworking wiki that includes information about Portland. It hasn't been edited in quite some time, so truth values may not be as they seem. Note that the link given for the Hive there may be unsafe, but the one I found by googling is clean & helpful.
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I'm a pretty big fan of working out of Urban Grind on NE Oregon. People there are really nice (often it is just the owner working), it's a huge space, free WiFi, and there is a conference room you can rent if you decide that's the way to go. The ability to get a larger table is great, so many of the places I've tried working at are completely packed and I end up trying to balance a book on my lap, and figure out where to put my coffee as the table is full from my laptop.

I've been there when some small children have had meltdowns and it echoes frighteningly then, but other than that, it's been a good place to work. It's not far from Sunshine Dairy on 20th, if that helps you picture where it is.
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Sadly, my boss and I agreed to meet at the Urban Grind after I called them and made sure we could book the room if needed. But some time between me calling and my boss getting into town, they closed.
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