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I want to be able to poll audience members via text message during a live event. What programs/apps/websites should I check out?

Ideally, this is how it would work -- I ask the audience to vote between choice A and choice B by sending a text message to a provided phone number. Their votes are sorted or tabulated or whatever, preferably resulting in some sort of infographic -- a bar graph for example.

The goal is to avoid needing an actual person on hand to receive and tabulate the votes as they come in.

Anyhow, does such a tool exist?
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I saw Poll Everywhere demonstrated recently, and it seems to do exactly this. Free or cheap for small groups.
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We have been testing out Poll Everywhere in our school and I think it would be just the ticket for you.
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Nthing poll everywhere - it is great. I use it in my high school English classes.
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Response by poster: Cool, thanks gang.
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