Time to booze-jockey in another state.
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I want to bartend/serve alcohol in Arizona. What licenses or permits do I need to have to do this? I'm out of state, currently.

I'd like to move back to Arizona, and find a job before I get there, bartending or managing a restaurant. I love this kind of work, but I'm in the dark as to what the equivalent to Oregon's OLCC permit would be, or if I even need it. I believe I will also need a food handling card. I will need to do all of this from Oregon.

Is this possible, and how can I go about it? the AZ state liquor page seems to be rather byzantine to me. Thanks in advance.

Also, leads on jobs would be awesome :)
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A quick googling came up with this.
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I'm in Arizona, and I'm 95% sure you don't need a license to serve alcohol. It's recommended, and the liquor board will require you to know all the laws, but they will not require you to whip out your license. I'm basing this off of working at a liquor store with a bar license. The two times I've talked to the board when they came to do inspections, they suggested our general manager get a license, but said nothing to me (the person serving alcohol at the time)

For a food handlers card, it depends on which county you'll work. Maricopa county requires one, but you have a grace period to get it after being hired for employment. Pima county does not require one.
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