Error in setting up RSS feed to reddit and hackernews
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Hello, I am trying to set a RSS feed using Microsoft outlook for reddit and hackernews( Outlook is my mail client to check my office mails. (email server using - POP3) Bu when I say Subscribe now, it it opens outlook on my windows-PC ,but gives an error as below :- "Outlook cannot download the RSS content from because of problem connecting to server. Same error occurs when I tried to subscribe to hackernews( as well. So something to do with Outlook settings or something? This is at office PC which is behind a router/firewall. 1.What is the problem here. Do I need to change some setting in outlook for this RSS feed? 2.How can i fix this to see Hackernews RSS feeds using my outlook?
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Both those URLs are valid, so I'd try it in Google Reader. If it fails there too, then you probably have a network issue. If it works in Google Reader, then you have an Outlook issue.
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The reddit URL is not valid, it's a 404. Reddit RSS URLs are made by adding ".rss" (note the period) to the end of the URL, so the feed for /r/programming is The URL for the main page (i.e. a mixture of the default subreddits) is

I don't know about the Outlook part, but try adding the feed manually, don't rely on clicking some orange thing to work.
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