Cute animated girl computer avatar/icons from the early 2000's?
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Cute animated girl computer avatar/icons from the early 2000's?

When I was like 10, I remember going on the internet and making these icons. They were usually girls dressed in fashionable clothing such as platform shoes, flare pants, and mini skirts. They were customizable, and I think they were icons for AIM and such. An example can be seen here.
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Response by poster: Oh, the question is: Where can I find this, today? And how did this "phenomenon" start?
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Best answer: IIRC, they were called "dollz" ... but I could be wrong. Similar things can be found at Elouai - Dolls (more on the main page that aren't as small). I recall being vaguely interested and quickly losing my interest, so I don't know where people were getting them at the time.
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Best answer: GoogleImage will help
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Stortroopers? more... Yes, they were fun.
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Yeah, I always called them "candybar dolls" and made them at the Elouai site wintersweet linked to - if you click on the link labelled "Looking for Candybar Doll Maker", you'll find a site similar to what I used to use.
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I remember seeing these primarily on an early avatar based chat program called The Palace.

The avatars were called dolls (or sometimes dollz), and the process of creating/editing them was dolling. The type of dolls in your example were called Preps or Preppies.
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Oops.. in answer to your question of where you can find them now, googling gave me this dollmaker link.
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Response by poster: Yep, it's "dollz." I tried out a dollz generator...Somehow I remember making these to be more entertaining.

Thanks everyone!
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