Chris Morris' Blue Jam
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So I've been listening to Chris Morris' Blue Jam a lot, lately...

...and I have a few questions:

1. Morris' narratives are on the whole creepy/amazing/dark/funny. The most similar radio show I can find to this is Harry Shearer's Le Show. Are there other radio shows with a similar style?

2. What is the background music playing at 10:50+ on the series 1/ep. 3 show ("the builder")?

3. What is the background music playing at 27:40+ on the same episode?

4. What is the background music playing at 13:00+ on series 1/ep. 4?

5. What is the background music playing at 18:00+ on series 2/ep. 1 ("hard work")?

6. What is the background music playing at 15:57+ on series 2/ep. 2?

7. What is the background music playing at 19:45+ on series 2/ep. 5?

8. What is the background music playing at 22:50+ on series 2/ep. 6 ("jerry springer")?

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this is the news
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Most of the music is from various Warp Records artists - Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada etc.
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You are aware there was a TV series too? And your username leads me to believe that you're already aware of the short film My Wrongs which is a version of the Rothko story.

Check out On The Hour which became The Day Today. You might be able to get a CD of Victor Lewis-Smith's phone pranks and sketches called "Tested on Humans For Irritancy" - it's not The Jerky Boys. Some folks praise The League of Gentlemen but I can't say I've heard the radio show. Are any of these like Blue Jam? Not really, but then Jam is pretty unique.

Sorry if I'm repeating stuff you already know.
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Joe Frank is a genius, as was After Hours, the movie in which an aspiring screenwriter filched more than his fair share of Joe Frank.

(But that's a whole other story.)

It's a distant connection, and they're not radio shows, but Chris Morris is evidently a fan of Roman Polanski's The Tenant, which is a great dosage of dark humor regardless of its similarity to Blue Jam. There's a very specific reference in the Blue Jam radio and television shows, and even in Chris Morris' Nathan Barley, he tipped his hat a little.

You might also be tickled by Luis Buñuel's The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The Exterminating Angel, and The Phantom of Liberty. Again, not radio shows - I apologize if this is a true derail - but they come from a similar place.

Also: the book Maldoror, and the work of Will Self.
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Hey, Rothko. Where did you get your copy of Blue Jam? I found a low bitrate Real Audio version online, but it's of fairly poor quality and the music loses it's definition.

I found a torrent site but nobody was seeding... Sigh.
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There's complete tracklistings somewhere online if you have a search (not having a go at you, just remember seeing it)
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Blue Jam at cook'd and bomb'd, being the most comprehensive of Morris net places.

Torrents and tracklists. Also includes plenty of other Morrisian produce and witterings. Geefe column is good. Other site.

Warning: Morris fans hate Morris.
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