I know you want to stop me from pirating TV shows, but... come on!
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Are there any YouTube clones out there that let you upload more than 15 minutes at a time?

I was asked to help a friend put some of his hockey games online so he can send links to coaches at various colleges, and hopefully get a hockey scholarship. Usually, to get the full effect, we need to post an entire period or two at a time, so, between 20 and 40 minutes. I *could* slice up the video further, but a hockey game is "three 20-minute periods", so the slicing would be confusing to watch/figure out, especially if you're a prospective coach who thinks in terms of periods only.
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Youtube does allow this for certain users who have "never violated copyright rules and have followed YouTube's community guidelines"

I'm not sure how to gain this ability though.
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Best answer: Vimeo has no explicit length limits, but does have limits on file size which shouldn't be a problem with decent compression.
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You would probably need to pay the 10 dollars/month for Vimeo Plus to get the 5GB/week upload limit though.
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Best answer: Vimeo also describes itself as being explicitly for content creators, for what that's worth, and strictly non-commercial. Yours is an interesting edge case... the goal isn't profitmaking per se, but neither is it ars gratia artis. I'd suggest reviewing their uploading guidelines and reading what they say about their community a bit before deciding to put your eggs in the Vimeo basket. It would suck to send out a lot of letters with Vimeo links in them, only to have them yanked later, should they be seen to violate the T&C.
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Response by poster: Hmmmm... that *is* definitely an edge case. Technically we're "selling" him, but it's kinda-sorta non-commercial. And it is a "gameplay video," though, not of a video game. I think I'll try a Vimeo upload, and wait a little while to see if its deleted. Otherwise, I'll try the slice and dice youtube thing.
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There are 3 other ways that you can try

Dailymotion is another website that allows you to upload videos for free. the site has been around for a few years now, so I am expecting it to hang around for another year, at least. There are some movie maker accounts too, which might give you the option of longer videos.

Facebook allows video uploads of upto 1 GB and less than 20 minutes duration, so if you can cut the video to 19.3 minutes, it should be ok. Upside is that the videos are under your profile, but downside is that giving access may be tough (create a separate list for the coaches and give access only to videos to this list)

If your friend or you has a hosting plan, then you can upload videos of any length and size to the host and then create a page to embed the videos. A little HTML is all that is needed, the code for which is available widely on the internet. One simple and excellent example is here
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As far as the YouTube goes, sometime last year or so I got upgraded to being allowed to upload more than 15 minutes. Its just like Aubilenon said, I have uploaded videos and haven't violated copyrights or terms of service. But the downside is I think it just happened over time. So it's too unpredictable for your use.
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