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Hi, How many tweets (twitter service) are published per second circa June 2011? And do you think it is increasing exponentially? References would be great. Regards.
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Aren't they numbered sequentially? You could check the numbers a day apart and divide by 86400.
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Here are some stats from March.
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Here's a rough historic graph of tweets per day:

Here's a more recent TPS graph:

There are a few records mentioned in the "Growth" subheading of Twitter's entry on Wikipedia:, and then a further update

There's also a question on Quora with a few poorly cited stats:

And it looks like Mashable likes covering these sorts of things:

As to hattifatterner's suggestion of looking at IDs, as of last summer, Tweets are unfortunately no longer numbered sequentially:
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Grr, way to not proof-read, me. "and then a further update" was supposed be followed by a link to the first Mashable article, but then I found the other article and decided to group them together.
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This blog post from May 31 mentions that there are about 2200 tweets/second. (First sentence under section heading "Surfacing Relevant Tweets".)
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I'm not sure if when you wrote "do you think it is increasing exponentially", you meant exponentially in the common usage sense of "really, really fast" or in the technical sense of "with a rate of change directly proportional to the observed number". If it was the former, I'd say yes. If it was the latter, just looking at the data referenced, pretty clearly not.
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