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I'm looking for an NPR segment or show that aired in the last year or so. In this story, the issues of diabetes and obesity on Native American reservations were discussed.

Unfortunately, I do not remember which NPR show it was nor do I remember specifically when it aired. I only know that I heard it about 1 year ago. The story focused on the efforts of one man on the reservation (I keep thinking that it was in the southwest) to introduce healthy diets and start growing more healthy foods on the reservation. The man himself suffered from obesity and diabetes and he detailed the struggles of family members with these issues and talked in great detail about the sort of junk food diets that were common on the reservation. The story ended with information about the co-op garden/farm that he had started and the efforts on his reservation to change dietary habits.

I'm pretty sure that this was a relatively lengthy story (15 + min.) Any help on tracking this down would be greatly appreciated, my google-fu is failing me.
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There's lots of stuff out there on this subject. NPR from 2007
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Was it about an overweight teenage boy and his siblings/friends who hike to somewhere to raise awareness of diabetes?
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I have heard this story twice. I checked American Public Media's website for their program "The Story" which is where I thought I had heard it...I found it! Second story down. I hope that is what you were looking for.
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Futz, thank you! That was quick and awesome!
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You are very welcome.
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