Where can 18 ladies stay for a hen party in Kent, UK?
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Any resources for finding a weekend cottage for a large group on a budget in Kent, UK?

I'm bridesmaid for my best friend (yay!) and am planning a hen do in October this year. The other bridesmaid and I have settled on the idea of a cottage for two nights, with activities over the course of the weekend - we are pretty sure the bride would like an away do, but a few of the people coming have young kids and are unlikely to be able to stay away for the weekend, which means we need to find somewhere within an hour (max) drive of south east London - we are thinking somewhere in Kent will be most realistic. We need to find accommodation, a cottage ideally, for 18 or so people but are really conscious of budgets...we've googled like mad, and the only one or two we've been able to find that would hold a party of this size would be well over £150 per person, and we don't think we can ask people to pay this with other activities on top. Any ideas?
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National Trust holiday cottages in the south east
English Heritage holiday cottages

Not sure these will fit your budget, but worth looking at.
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Well, there's this - Biddenden, sleeps 19, £1312 for a short break price, or about £73 per person. The same agency also has cottages that sleep 11 and 12, if people are willing to bring along some camper beds and sleeping bags.

Or this and this, which can be rented together, to sleep a total of 16 for around £1400. Price listed is for a week, but it might be worth phoning to see if they do weekend or short break rentals; likewise, you could probably squeeze an extra person + sleeping bag into each cottage.

This cottage, which sleeps up to 22, has weekend breaks (2 nights) for £2600 - or £145 per person for 18.

This one sleeps 14, £948 for two days, or £1027 for three.

This one also sleeps 14, £840 for 2 days, £910 for three.

Honestly, if budget is your main concern, I think you definitely need to sound out whether people would be willing to squeeze in on cots, camper beds - hell, even a yoga mat on the kitchen table. It's only for two nights. You could even make a game of it - draw straws, have a drunken charades tournament, whatever; losers get the crappy beds for the first night, but get to switch over with the runners-up for night #2.
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