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What's the cheapest way to take online courses in Statistics and Microeconomics?

I'm going to be heading to grad school in California this fall, but they would like me to complete a prep program in Microeconomics and Statistics before I begin, as it's been a while since I've studied those subjects. They conveniently offer a prep course in August, but I'm currently working in Tokyo and I won't be able to get to finish my current job and get to California in time to take the prep course. So, I need to take these classes online.

I've searched through quite a few programs, but I'm having a hard time finding ones that aren't fairly expensive... i.e. cheaper than the University of Phoenix. So, does anyone have any recommendations for a reasonably cheap way to take a couple of classes online>
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Would they accept CLEP exams? I've taken both of those exams, they're not awfully difficult. There are a couple of test centers in Tokyo, from what I see here.
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If you're looking for the knowledge more than academic credit, why not just get a textbook and do it yourself?
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Khan Academy has statistics videos and practice lessons.
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BYU's online courses are about $500 apiece, and Columbus State Community College charges about $150/credit for out of state students. If you're just interested in the knowledge and not the credit hours, I second Khan Academy. Many colleges also do testing to get out of math classes, by the way; you may not need to bother with CLEP.
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MIT OpenCourseWare has the requisite courses, but, of course, you won't get a piece of paper to show for it. Googling found that UMass Boston does an online Microeconomics summer course. They have stats, too, but it seems full. Berkeley's got stats online this summer and the registration deadline hasn't passed. Universities all seem to run about $350/unit, so I don't know if that counts as cheap. A community college would presumably be cheaper, but I'm having trouble finding stuff with google without looking at a specific school. (Santa Monica College offers micro online, but seemingly no math or stats online.)
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thank you for all the answers! I need to be able to show them a grade, which I assume means I need to take credit hours, so Khan Academy and the CLEP might not work... but I'm going to check into all of these suggestions and hopefully be able to find something that fits. Thanks again!
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Fort Hays State University offers both of those classes are you can do them online. They offer instate tuition for online learners and their prices are so cheap. ($170 cr/hr for undergrad). I've received my Bachelor in Nursing from them and I'm currently working on my Masters. Check them out.
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I did some at Champlain College online.
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I did mine at North Shore Community College in MA. Cheap!
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I did stats online at Foothill College, which is $17 per credit hour and appears to have a micro class as well.
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