Not that kind of planking.
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Where would I pick up some cedar grilling planks in Nassau County, NY?

I want to grill some salmon tonight, and I'd like to try plank grilling. I know you can get these online, but even my Amazon Prime membership won't get them here quickly enough, so that's out.

I live right near where Plainview, Hicksville, and Bethpage meet. I don't want to trek out to the east end of Long Island for something like this; would a place like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods carry this? Does anyone know a better place to get them?

(I've heard you can just go to a hardware store, get some cedar, and saw it down, but I don't have a saw, so... not an option for tonight.)
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Whole Foods up the block from me in Chicago carries them, as do the two other grocery stores near the Whole Foods. Have you called a local grocery?
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Williams-Sonoma carries them. There appear to be stores in Huntington Station and Garden City.
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Do you have any stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross in your area? Those places often have nice, niche kitchen products and ingredients for really cheap. My mom gets hickory chips for grilling there. There is a decent chance you'll get lucky and find cedar planks.
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Fairway might have them.
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TJ Maxx did in fact have some... they're closer than Whole Foods or Williams-Sonoma, so I figured I'd check there first, and lo and behold, there they were.

I'll keep the other two places in mind for the next time I need some, though!
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I always see them at Stop and Shop, in the fish section. Never bought one from there and it may be a seasonal thing (only in the summer?) but it seems like they are often on display.
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For others who find this question: most hardware stores/lumber yards will cut to order either for free or for a pittance. Then you buy some sandpaper to clean up the surfaces et voilĂ !
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