Video cable hunt, take 3
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Follow up to this question: Where can I find a cable that will let me connect my old iBook G4 to a VGA cable?

I have a first generation iBook G4 - it has a video out port, but so far I have not been able to find an adaptor cable that will let me plug a VGA cable into this port to connect to a projector.

I realize this thing is ancient, but it has a DVD drive, and I'd like to use it to watch movies.

I need to know the name (and, even better, model #) of the cable I need, and a link to a vendor. Bonus points if it is not the Apple store, as they only ship via FedEx, and I work during the day.

It is not either of the following cables:
  • mini DVI to VGA
  • mini Display Port to VGA
This is week three of trying to find the right cable - help me, hive mind!
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Will this work?
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Best answer: Based on this support document, I think you want this cable.
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Confirming the two answers above. The iBook G4 has a mini-VGA port. You'll need a mini-VGA to VGA adapter, as linked above. Sorry I didn't look into that earlier - I assumed you had the correct adapter for your iBook. That adapter will connect to the VGA cable for the projector.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone (and to cptspalding for the extra assist.)
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