Where can I find a client contract appropriate for an IT consultant?
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I am looking for a generic client contract that I can use as an IT consultant. Lawyer recommendations in NYC who specialize in contracts for freelancers / independent workers would also be great.

I am an IT consultant (a sole proprietor LLC) and have written my own contract for clients to sign. I am looking for a template or generic contract that I can use to revise mine to give me more protection against non paying clients, as well as protect myself from lawsuits. My contract is now 1.5 pages with lots of white space and plain writing. I'd like to keep it straight forward and not resemble the contract for a mortgage.

All of the contracts I have come across are for short term projects with a completion date or project end, but my situation is different and those contracts do not seem to apply to me. I am providing an ongoing indefinite service for my clients at an hourly rate.
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See if your local library has this book: Nolo Press' Consultant and Independent Contractor Agreements. I've used the sample documents contained in that book for simple agreements for years - anything complex should go through a lawyer, though.
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