Help me vacate!
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I have 2 weeks of vacation time coming up starting Sunday night/Monday morning, but my original plan for the first week has been cancelled. Help an adrenaline-chasing, single and cheap 20-something guy in the midwest make the most of next week!

I live in the Henderson-Owensboro/KY-Evansville/IN area and need a change of scenery and culture. I can drive or fly, have $1500 and could leave Sunday night after 7, but have to be back Saturday night. If I can get away with spending considerably less while having a great time, that would be even better.

I'm going solo and down for any experiences exciting, different or weird and love meeting new people, craft beers, wine, and dancing. Most any music I'm open to, except for country or bluegrass. I'm not a big shopper really, but the store selection in my area is disappointing and I need to improve my wardrobe so my eyes are peeled for good places- this would just be a bonus.

I'm cool with hotels, motels, hostels, sleeping in the car, or whatever is bed-bug free. I'd do couch surfing but I haven't set up an account yet and it's short notice.

For the record, Chicago is my destination for week 2 with family, so I am not going there for week 1.

Where do I go? What to do?
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Drive to Fort Collins. Drink beer. Spend a day or two hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. Drink beer down in Boulder. Drive home.
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Explore either Louisville if you haven't done that city proper yet, St. Louis, or Cincy. All close destinations, great beer cities, great mall cities, and always something to do.

(also, hi! Murray, KY here, only about two hours off. Wish more people would set their locations so I could see peeps that are close)
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If you are an adrenaline chasing person, fly to someplace like Idaho, Washington, or Oregon and go rappelling or white water rafting.
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Go to red river gorge in slade and stay at miguels and hook up with some people to climb for a week- would be a dream come true for me.
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Cheap and adrenaline-chasing, huh? Bike around Michigan. Eat cherries.
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Moab Utah for mountain biking, river rafting, rock climbing (if you find a group to hook up with), and hiking the Arches and Canyonlands. You could drive to see Valley of the Gods. Of course there are good brewpubs.

You can find all kinds of free camping there, so your expenses will be the plane ticket, ground transport (rent a car, probably), food, and cost of gear rentals.
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Learn to whitewater kayak. (Disclaimer: I worked there long ago)
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You should pick me up and bring me along!

In the more realistic suggestions, I'm 2nd Moab, Utah. I've desperately wanted to go back, as I didnt feel that I spent nearly enough time. I know there is an abundance of kayak, mountain biking, and adventure-type options. Plus, it's within miles of Arches National Park. Where the rules state that you can climb on ANYTHING that 'doesn't have a name'.

You could also fly in San Francisco or Seattle, and look at your options for hiking/biking parts of highway one (not sure if there is a bike friendly trail), as every picture I've seen shows it to be devastatingly gorgeous.

If you want to stay in the Midwest area, after a review of a trusted friends trip last summer, I've been plotting a soon as possible trip to Hocking Hills, OH. Lots of hiking, some caving systems, kayaking, and I think I saw rock climbing mention somewhere.

Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be storming pretty much all next week, otherwise I'd send you up the coast of Lake Michigan. Lots of State/County parks nestled in there, along with Sleeping Bear Dunes.

And in the Midwest Oddities suggestions:
Centralia, PA Ghost town due to a coal fire that has been burning underground for 50 years. I understand you have to be 'quiet' about getting in, as it's not entirely safe.

Cahokia Mounds, OH Reminds me in an odd way of some of the passage graves in Ireland.

Have fun!
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have you thought about skip barber racing school? Or you could go to Vegas and drive a Ferrari around a race track for 200 buck
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The Racing Exotics in Vegas is a sweet deal, but no matter how much Gran Turismo I've played, I know my driving skill would be far, far eclipsed on that level of car. Skip Barber is on my list for a future vacation, I'd definitely want to do the 3 days at Laguna Seca ($4000).

Moab seems great, but with such short notice, I'd be spending more than I'd prefer on flights. However, I've got a buddy in Utah so that is also a future destination.

I always wanted a mountain bike, so I stopped by the LBS and bought a 29'er and a bike rack for $1000. I'll be hitting local trails today and tomorrow, then hitting up Louisville for more trails, beer, shopping and the night life.

I've decided to take a 3rd week of vacation in July, to get Advanced FreeFall training as well.

Thanks MeFi!
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