Help my fiancee find some math related work
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My fiancee needs some work, preferably from home. Math background, no telephone calling. Any leads?

My fiancee currently works as a math tutor as she's going to school for a higher level degree in math. She's able to pay the bills during a normal school year, but we're headed into the summer with less customer's available.

She'd prefer to work from home, she has medical issues that preventing outdoor / hard physical labor work. But would not be averse to indoor work. Also, could be taught up to date programming methods (did very well in college with the few classes she took).

No telephone calling of any sort (phobia of some sort).

Have used: and looking at for extra work.

I've seen these:
Are there any viable work at home [internet] based business to make a few hundred dollars a month?
What part time jobs are available if I want to work from home after my full time job?
What are some Legitimate ways to earn extra money while working at home?

Seems more targeted at the unskilled or differently skilled, without a math bias. Which I think might open up some new frontiers for working at home.

Any thoughts / recommendations?
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I don't know if there would be something here up her alley, but have you looked through Some of them look pretty hokey, but I've had friends recommend it for leads.
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I haven't read through those linked threads (sorry; I'm on my phone), but has she checked out hire my parents? It's a flexwork job board, and it's not limited to parents.
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set up a yahoo pipe that filters vworker and odesk and all the others' rss filters with some relevant keywords (math, statistics, research come to mind.)
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Best answer: Not sure if it works the same way in the States, but I was able to write teaching/learning programmes for the education department, which is not dependent of the school year timetable. If she can tutor she probably has a good idea of how to scaffold learning activities for particular concepts.

Curriculum offices and publishers also often work together to create textbooks and materials so there's always scope to contribute to school publications. I was shown the format and given a list of topics and syllabi in my [Australian] state and did it all at home. I think it was about $1500 a programme [a semester of work in Literature study for 17 year olds] and if I calculate hours out of that it was about 45 bucks an hour. When the teachers all came back to school after the summer break, I then charged money for providing professional development sessions to groups of teachers about the best way to teach particular texts and concepts.
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Depending on where she is in grad school, she may be eligible to be an editor for American Journal Experts. I'm doing that for a few months while I'm between jobs, and it pays better than a lot of other online stuff because they do require you to have a graduate degree or be in grad school at one of the 25 schools on their list.
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Best answer: I've been on the other end, hiring online content writers for some side projects. Along the same line as 3mendo, oDesk, Guru, Freelancer and others are ok, and absolutely register and check in once a day, but I would also recommend setting up some google alerts for craigslist ads asking for tutors. It's tough to manually check all the sites, but the advantage to the google alerts is that you'll just get an e-mail notification and you can "set it and forget it".
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Response by poster: Good suggestions all. I've come across similar things in my job searching as well (thankfully I'm employed).

I'll push her toward the programming for education, I think; That sounds right up her alley.

I'll run these by her and get some feedback to see if there's anything else.

Thank you, all!
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