Star Wars soundtrack Remixed
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I heard from an R2 unit a while ago there was an underground album of remixed star wars related tunes, breakbeats, other various mixes, this illicit material was highly rated among the republic but the imperial guard look to have wiped all trace of it from the archives, does anyone have details? MTFBWU
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many bothans died for this information:
try here.
disclaimer: haven't downloaded it myself, take all usual precautions with regard to random downloads.
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For Breakbeats
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Star Wars Breakbeats? I have a copy of it. There were only like 3000 of the CDs made. It's beats with clips of dialogue from the movies cut into the songs; if you have any more info on just what you're looking for I could confirm it for you.
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You might be talking about Star Wars Breakbeats by Supergenius (aka Morgan Phillips). I haven't downloaded juv3nal's linked info, but that might be the same thing.

I picked this disc up about 6 years ago after hearing it on college radio. It's kind of funny but a whole disc of it can be difficult to listen to all the way through.
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There's a newly-released one, too, Bantha Breaks by Boba Fettucini. Turntablelab is restocking. Here are some samples (RealAudio).
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