Where can I buy outdoor playsets cheaply?
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My daughter's birthday is coming up (she will be 2 next month) and the wife and I began to look at some outdoor play-sets, namely this one its called the Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber, and besides Toys R Us, they seem awfully high price-wise, where can I buy these?

I would buy online but the shipping (between $70 and $90) would conteract any savings... I also am ruling out craigslist/ebay because I would rather have it brand new
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Check on craigslist, or try a resale shop like Once Upon a Child. If they don't have anything in stock at the time, they may take your name and call you if something comes in.
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This is freaky-- I saw that at Walmart yesterday and thought "that looks pretty cool for a plastic playset." My initial reaction here was that it must have just been similar, but a visit to the Walmart site confirms that they carry it. And I'm certain that's what I saw.

They're complete fuckers, but I can't imagine that anyone will beat their price. (But they don't sell kite string. I went to Walmart to buy frigging kite string and they don't carry it. But they sell shotguns and lingerie and playsets.)
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no kite string? what are they communists?
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Don't underestimate eBay for something like this. We bought a Little Tykes kitchen set from someone on eBay who, as it turns out, only lived the next town over. They delivered it to our door and it was in mint condition.

As a friendly aside, these Little Tykes sets can also be deceptively difficult to assemble. The outdoor playset we bought needed three people to assemble it.
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Two words: Yardsale
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i have been trying the yardsale route, but around here people want almost as much for a used one as a brand new one, and thats if i am able to find one.
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