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I need a photo gallery for my Wordpress site. And I know how it should look like...but I can't find anything that will actually help me do it. HELP!?


The gallery needs to work like the one in the above link. Essentially, it should have 4 albums within the gallery and clicking on each one will bring up a bunch of pictures.

I've looked a lot of plugins and even software like Wondershare Flash Gallery, but nothing seems to be able to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. If there's a Flash whiz amongst you here and would be able to knock this gallery out within the next 2-3 days for a reasonable fee, please PM me! THANKS!
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Best answer: Have a look at Photo Ruffle 2. You'll need to rummage around in the options to see if everything you want is covered, but there does seem to be a Polaroid presentation effect for the images, and they can be made to come up in a grid rather than pile(see the "square gallery" in the demo). The shifting perspective thing from over at PA50 doesn't seem to be there, but frankly it's more annoying than anything else.
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Response by poster: This worked out great! I just spent the last few hours working on this and I now have a fully working gallery looking the way I want it :) Thanks so much, Su!
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