Bookfilter : Purple hardback book I read as a kid.
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Bookfilter : I'm looking for a book I read as a kid. As I remember it was of a similar genre to Narnia books or even Harry Potter in that kind of escapist way that I find I loved to read as a kid...

...It was by an author called Penelope (Lively?), it was a purple clothbound hardback. The story comprised of some kids (possibly a sister and a brother) going off to some relative's house by the sea perhaps? I remember train travel being involved to get there. Anyways, the next bit I remember is them being on some big green field which they must have got to by going through a portal of somekind or walking through a magical forest. On this field there were huge snails gently moving along and there was also the occasional phoenix born from the ashes of something that had just been burnt. Unfortunately that's all I can remember but I would love to find it and read it!

N.B. Penelope could have been the name of one of the characters in the book?

P.S. If no-one can name this book...does anyone know of other sites where I can ask this kind of question?
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It sounds rather like E. Nesbit - a lot of her books are available online, since they're out of copyright.
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This is definitely not an E. Nesbit book -- no giant snails in any of those. (Also they are not quite so surreal.) It does sound like a Penelope Lively title, but I can't quite remember which was which and poking around in the Amazon descriptions isn't helping, I'm afraid.

Stump the Bookseller at Loganberry Books is a great source for this kind of thing. It does cost $2.00 to post a stumper of your own, but often poring over old stumpers will turn up the book you're looking for.
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Over at BookSleuth, you can post free of charge.
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there was also the occasional phoenix born from the ashes of something that had just been burnt

Not germane to the title search, but likely the ashes were those of the previous phoenix, ne pas?
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I remember reading children's books by Penelope Lively. There's a list of them on her website. I don't remember much about them, but could it have been The Voyage of QV66?
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After searching a bit more, I found this. It doesnt sound as if that is it...
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